Loughcrew Archers

Message from Don Priestley, secretary of Loughcrew Archers

July 2018
Loughcrew Archers was started in February 2001 by myself and Willie Carr, originally members of Summerhill Archers in Trim. This was a target archery club and we had attended various field competitions and decided to start up a field archery club for our area. We held our first shoot on 20th May 2001.
The club now has a course of 36 targets, near Lough Sheelin, a full set of 3D targets, trainer bows and other equipment needed for a club.
We have 45 members at present but some we rarely see. There is no age restriction but under 10's may find managing a bow and arrow a problem. It depends on their size, co-ordination and enthusiasm. We don't discourage anyone.

If you want to try out archery with our club, here is some information which you may find useful

  • Do NOT buy any equipment
  • Read this web site so that you get a feel for events, news, rules etc.
  • Phone me or email me and I can give you an introductory session for up to three beginners for a whole afternoon for 20 euro.
  • If you're further interested I can do another session including shooting on the established range.
  • If you decide to go ahead you then buy a set of arrows. (5.00 each). You will be able to try out bows of different strengths to find the one which suits you best. You will soon be able to attend a competitive shoot. A high standard is not required - you just need to know the procedure and the safety factors involved.
  • Soon after joining the club, and certainly before your first shoot, you will need to join the SIFA (the Society of Irish Field Archers) in order to be insured. See membership
  • You will then join Loughcrew Archers. The current fee is €50 (€25 for juniors/cubs) €60 for family membership
  • A bow, when you get round to it, can cost between €80 to €200 for something reasonable. You may be able to get one from another club member. A used bow shoots as well as a new one. You will also need a quiver for your arrows (€20 or less), a tab (about €5) and an armguard (free!). You will also need boots and rain gear. (We shoot throughout the year)
  • To avoid disappointment, please note the following
  • If you would like your child or children to take up the sport, you will need to transport them and be mainly responsible for them at practices and events. In other words, if you don't want to be bored silly, you take up archery yourself!
  • Attending shoots in different parts of the country can be instructive and great fun, but you must be prepared to travel. (See clublinks for locations)
  • If you live a long way from ANY club, including this one, you need to bear in mind the distance to travel just in order to practice.

For further information contact me on 086 3109567 or by e-mail

How to reach our shooting range

FROM OLDCASTLE go to Mountnugent. (There IS a shorter route but it's tricky)
FROM MOUNTNUGENT take the Finea road for 1.2 miles, turn left at Sheelin Boats Ltd (well signed)
FROM FINNEA Set mile recorder to zero. Take the Oldcastle/Mountnugent road (Left at the grey church), then the NEXT left (0.7 miles) towards Mountnugent. Long straight bog road. Through Ross (3.7 m), past Sheelin Retirement Home (4.4m), and turn right at Sheelin Boats Ltd (5.3m)
FROM SHEELIN BOATS it's half a mile to the turnoff right into the wood, (marked PRIVATE DRIVE) then half a mile to the shoot site. Where the lane divides, park.