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UPDATED:  SBG Records, News, Next Event, Last Event, Gainschart 09.07.2014

An update on the SIFA championship this weekend.

FRIDAY Campers may arrive any time. Find your own pitch avoiding cowpats and the practice targets (which are closed)  You can park next to your tent. The ground's a bit lumpy - blame the cowpat manufacturers. You can also register i.e. pay, for the day or preferably the weekend from 6.00 pm

We have an excellent clout shoot field but the grass is longish so if it's wet, be prepared

SATURDAY  All competitors not already done so register at Buttercup. Then go to the tent and find out which course and which target you're on first. If you're on course 3D or Hessian you'll be there most of the day. Take some grub but drinks are provided.
A fast food trailer will arrive in the morning but won't be ready before the shoot starts so will be available at lunchtime (for half of you) and after the shoot (for all)
Please remember your course and start target.
BE READY TO START at 10.15. The start is at 10.30

SUNDAY    If you didn't shoot on Saturday then register first. The food trailer may be present.
Arrangements as for Saturday including finding your course and target
       BE READY TO START at 9.45. The start is at 10.00

Campers can stay on Sunday night if they wish but leave on Monday morning

Welcome to the S.I.F.A. website

SIFA welcomes all field archers who love pleasurable and friendly rivalry in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.
With now nearly 400 members we have clubs in all corners of the country.


If you are living in Ireland and interested in trying field archery, visiting the following pages will be a good start.

   What is FIELD ARCHERY will give an idea of what it's all about

   FIND A CLUB will let you know if there's a club in your area and how to contact them.

   The 2014 calendar lists events throughout the country.

If you need any more information don't hesitate to contact us using the following email link

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